The Education Investment Plan

The Education Investment Plan is a convenient and secure way to save for a child’s university education in the USA, UK. The product provides both educational and actuarial advice, and aims to help parents and guardians build up a lump sum by investing periodically (monthly/quarterly/yearly) into an investment fund the bank will pay out when the plan ends.


  • Education advice, which is restricted to universities in the USA, UK and other countries.
  • Projected benchmark return at prevailing MPR(Monetary Policy Rate)
  • Parents control assets until child reaches legal age
  • Can be operated for an unborn child
  • Online account access which enables investors to check their balance, review contribution history and investment performance online
  • Total amount contributed is guaranteed if investment is held for more than a year.
  • Investors are free to designate a different beneficiary at any time.
  • Funds are not frozen upon unlikely event of the demise of the investor if they take up a life insurance cover.
  • Initial minimum deposit is $2000 /$5000 for Schools in the USA, UK,


  • Convenient contribution through direct debits.
  • Security of investment, professionally managed by leading asset managers
  • Education advisory services
  • Life insurance for investor (optional)
  • Effective monitoring of the fund by independent Board of Trustees
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